Most people forget about the Ravine campground. Click on the link below and then click on the photos. I think this will satisfy your needs.

".....Sandwiched between Whitney Portal Family Campground and Whitney Trailhead Campground, this campground is often overlooked. It has a slightly odd setup, as campsites are lined up along a small access road that is closed to vehicle traffic. However, the campground provides everything hikers need for basic accommodation. Being so close to the other campgrounds, it shares the same toilet facilities with Whitney Trailhead Campground. There are drinking water supplies and bear-proof food storage containers within the campground.

The campground can be easily accessed from the Whitney Portal overflow parking area, and it is a great backup campsite when all the other campgrounds are full. Hidden between trees, the campsites can get a little cold, but this isn't so much of an issue if hiking is the priority. This spot is a perfect place to get some quiet time before heading out on your hike the next morning. Note that the campground closes in winter......"