Posted by Bigfoot58, 08-14-08
Hi, all.
Doug Sr. wrote a detailed -- and very helpful -- description of the MR route, but I have 2 questions:

1. When leaving LBSL, passing by the south side of the lake (familiar with that), I'll see "two giant rocks near the waterfall. Head to the downhill side of the lower boulder."
Is the lower boulder pictured here?

If not, is this boulder easy to identify from Doug's description?

2. After cresting the first big incline after Clyde Meadow (the trees just below UBSL, right?), I'm never sure how high or how low to to go. The last time I was up there, I had a massive brain cramp and stayed very low, eventually ending up in a narrow gully that led nowhere. Am I safer staying fairly high and this will eventually lead to the waterfalls? (Once I'm at the waterfalls, I know to go farther west and hit the switchbacks.)
Again, this second question is about which line to take after cresting the first big incline past Clyde Meadow.


Posted by Bob R, 08-14-08
In 1., you are way too high. I think you are at X in the first picture below, while the correct route is shown below the two big boulders.

Regarding 2., see the second picture.
21 From Lower Boy Scout Lake

35 Our route ahead

Posted by Steve C, 08-14-08
Bob's line is on the mark.

Look at this set of pictures --here--, especially starting with the 23rd one in the set, and read the captions. Memorize those pictures and you won't get off route.

Here's one from the set. The hiker is in the correct route, which goes through the bushes onto the top of the slab in the center.

By the way, there is currently another thread asking about a map of the MR. Here's the other thread: Mountaineers route questions

Posted by Bigfoot58, 08-15-08
Thanks, guys.
Your pics are AWESOME.

Bob, believe it or not, my last route -- with a full pack -- took me way above the red "x" that you placed on the route leaving LBSL. I went above the huge boulder cluster and over the top. (OK -- so nobody has ever accused me of being either Lewis or Clark...)
Also, your line en route to Iceberg (East Face?) Lake is really helpful, too.

Steve C, your series online is pure gold
I'll not only memorize the pics, I'll print these babies out.

Thanks again, mountain dudes! Your efforts saved me a LOT of needless head-scratching!

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