Sometimes people have trouble logging into this site when they use Internet Explorer. If you continually get logged off, or get a message that you are not logged in, when you have logged in already, please try this:

In Internet Explorer, go to:

Tools / Internet Options / Security / Trusted sites / Sites

Uncheck the Require server verification check box.

Under Add this website to the zone:, enter   and click the Add button.

Edit Sept 2012:  One user having this problem on IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) is able to login and use the forum ok, as long as he leaves the "Remember me on each visit" checkbox UNchecked.

Edit June 2015:  With the upgrade to 7.5.8, the software developers chose to set the maximum login time to 7 days, so everyone had to login every week, even though you checked the "Remember me on each visit" checkbox when you log in. This was set to overcome things related to the above Internet Explorer problem. I have set the limit internally to 70 days, so the logins should now be required every 2 months.

Last edited by Steve C; 06/13/15 06:09 PM.