This is a list of SAR (Search and Rescue) activity found within these forums. This list contains links to various threads discussing what happened, with the hope that people reading them will learn and the information may prevent problems for other hikers.

2024-05-12   Hiker killed by rockfall, Mountaineers Route
2024-05-07   Two climbers recovered, Mountaineers Route

2021-12-21   Ebersbacher Ledges

2019-06-12   Recovered: Ling Dao - Missing Whitney Hiker, Last Seen 6/12
2018-05-05   Fatal: Hiker fell on Whitney
2018-06-10   Mt Whitney multiple injuries on 6/10/18
2017-06-29   Lost hiker -- Found
2017-05-23   Missing Person -- Recovered
2017-04-23   Death on the Mountaineer's Route

2016-12-15   SAR Recovery at Oupost Camp College student died in her sleep.
2016-10-18   Missing Hiker Bob Woodie Bishop Pass - Caught in a storm, recovered July 6, 2017 at the pass.
2016-10-16   Michael Powell Main trail, off trail after dark, fell down a chute @Mirror Lk.
2016-07-19   Missing man on MR -- Recovered
2016-05-16   Speed Flying death Wing suit BASE jumping

2015-11-18   Avalanche fatality: Mike Meyers (Near Meysan Lakes)

2014-07-29   Recovered: Missing Hiker in Sequoia National Park Dawson Johnson, north slope of Whitney
2014-06-16   Missing Whitney Hiker: recovered John Likely: Main trail, off trail after dark, fell down a chute @Mirror Lk. (Long search, long discussion)

2013-09-12   Man fell from trail. Dizzyness, disorientation, Altitude sickness

2012-08-07   Missing Hiker for 36+ Hours - Shyam Das Fell in darkness near Mirror Lk. Found alive after 2 days.

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