We went up on 7/11 and had a great time. Camped at Upper Boy Scout. I enjoyed the slab walk. Played around in the snow at Iceberg a bit but transferred to rock for most of the chute. Snow was in great shape, I only broke through once or twice the whole day. Easy to kick steps and just wet enough you would not slide too far. Towards the top of the snow it got bumpy and less fun than below, and the scramble after that was fine- we went mostly along the right. The loose stuff towards the top was the worst part of the whole route. The traverse looked a bit sketchy to me- lots of thin snow and rock transitions and the drop was steep. The final 400 climb was fun. Recommendation about crossing just below the snow was perfect. Hardest move was the first one to get on it. Before the trip I was worried about the downclimb, but it was no problem. Lots of big blocks. On the way down the chute after the loosest section we followed a rampish path skiers right and stayed on rock.