So, I was supposed to start up Shepherd Pass today, but canceled my permit last week since I'm recovering from a dislocated finger I suffered during a Yosemite hike in July. The finger is functional, but still sore.

I got a new permit for Sunday for Shepherd Pass hoping it'll be better, then found a Kearsarge Pass permit for the 21st.

The problem with doing Shepherd Pass with the sore finger is I plan on climbing Mt Williamson. I'm not sure I want to trust the class 3 chimney climb with a dodgy finger. Anyone who has climbed that route care to chime in on if it's not as scary as the route descriptions make it seem? smile

Ironically, the last time I tried to do Williamson in 2019 I dislocated the SAME finger on my way up Shepherd Pass. Someone doesn't want me climbing Williamson. smile

If I wait to do the hike from Kearsarge Pass, then I have some route options once I get up and over Kearsarge Pass:

1a) Go through Center Basin (never been through there, so it'll be a nice change from Forester (opinions on that?), then up the final bit of Shepherd Pass. An extra day to get to Tyndall/Williamson, but don't have to start as low and a little more time to get used to the altitude.

1b) Go over Forester Pass instead.

2) Camp at Charlotte Lake, then go up and over Glen Pass and spend a couple nights at Rae Lakes (which I missed doing during my JMT hike).

2b) How is the Baxter Lakes Trail to exit out from Rae Lakes?

3) If I continue NOBO on the JMT from Rae lakes, any good side trails to exit from that might be interesting?

I've already done the Onion Valley to Whitney hike on the JMT (plus the entire JMT two years ago), so not looking to do that route this time.

So, any suggestions on what routes to do from these two trailheads would be welcome.