Second day of Sierra peak bagging, and decided to check out the Conness Glacier drainage via Saddlebag Lake. The goal was to hit North Peak via the southwest face/Conness Lakes basin. Things were looking splendid as I was going across the Saddlebag Lake dam at 6:15 am and it appeared to be a bluebird day in the making. Got up above the second of the Conness Lakes around 8:40 am, and was about 250 feet below the summit of North just before 9:00 when rain storms came out of nowhere from the southwest. They didn't appear to be thundestorms, but it started to rain quite heavily and suddenly and I decided it was best to make a fast retreat back down to the lakes. The forecast on Mountain Forecast the day before called for clear skies and no precip all day, but that's not the first time a weather forecast has been wrong. It was still great to explore the Conness Lakes basin and see the Conness Glacier up close (what's left of it), and I'll know the route cold the next time I go. I ascended on the southwest side of the creek up from Greenstone Lake, which required a little bit of boulder hopping, but found a nicer use trail on the way down that comes down the northeast side of the creek. I then crossed the creek back to the southside of the lake just before the lake. I also suggest circumnavigating the south side of the first Conness Lake once you ascend the creek drainage from Greenstone. It is a nice use trail with minimal rock hopping, and going on the north side on the ascent required me to circumnavigate a big cliffed out ledge that dropped right into the lake. Not a huge deal, but it reqired some going up and down and a few minor class 3 moves on slabs that can be avoided on the south side of that lake. Finally, I discovered on my quick descent a use trail that descends a bit above the second Conness Lake and feeds more directly to the drainage of that lake. On the way up I stayed a bit closer to the lake and went past the lake (west) and then ascended up steeper slopes on the edge of the trees to gain the summit plateau. Not a huge deal, but it would definitely be a bit more direct and a bit less steep to ascend more directly from the east side of that second lake. View of Mt. Conness from first Conness Lake: [img][/img] View of Mt. Conness and Conness Glacier from above second Conness Lake: [img][/img] So close to the summit of North Peak: [img][/img] Beautiful view of North Peak from Greenstone Lake: [img][/img]