My name is Carl Raillard, and I am new to this forum. I would like to introduce myself. I'm a veteran hiker, and a graphic artist.

I'd like to share some pictures of a large colorful drawing. Copies of this poster are for sale, by the way. The poster is a bird's eye overview of the Mount Whitney region. It is reminiscent to those ski area maps, that James Niehues does so well. My artmap is more cartoony though -- more like a storybook illustration -- and it shows trails instead of ski runs. It was a labor of love, and I hope you guys will find it interesting.
[Linked Image]
Here's a closeup view of the heart of the region.
[Linked Image]

Finally, copies are for sale here: https://pencilstrength.thedribble.com/l/whitneyposter

I trust I'm not breaking any forum rules by linking to my online art gallery? My payment processor is Gumroad (which can be described as "the thinking man's Etsy.")

Anyway, thank you for looking at my art, and I hope you have a great day!


Carl Raillard