Such a busy schedule lately, but it's looking good for me gettin up to MW this weekend. I have Jury duty this week....We'll see tomorrow how big my commitment is.

soooo, to the point of this message. I don't have a permit. If anybody has had a drop out from their group or otherwise has room in their group for Friday or Saturday, I'd be most appreciative.

My plan is:
Friday Departure (if jury duty is minimal)
Friday night: LPL or outpost camp.
Saturday night: Trail camp
Sunday: Hang out, practice Glissade and self arrest. No intention of summiting. Return to portal

Saturday Departure
Saturday Night: Trail Camp
Sunday: Hang out a bit and practice glissade and self arrest, no intention of summiting. Return to portal

Alternate 1:
go up MR as far as safely possible.

Alternate 2 (if I can't score MW permit):
Meysan Trail: as far as safely possible

Other key factor here is that I may be getting into the lone pine area later than the wilderness office is handing out permits, so if someone has a spare, it definitely would work out well for me.

And of course, I wouldn't necessarily need to hike or camp with you. I like to take my time and don't want to hold anyone up.

message me if you've got anything.