HilmGecko: East side power is flakey. The webcam computers report power outages multiple times in a month. It's no wonder the Bishop phones were out.

Call again Monday morning, 8 AM. 760-873-2483

Word is that since people are having trouble with the Alternate Leaders responses, they will open things up and give the alternates until lottery entry time closes -- March 15.

However, If they wait until the end, and can't register, you lose your alternates, because it will be past the entry deadline. So get those alternates set up correctly ASAP.

Originally Posted By: HiImGecko
Alright, thanks for the info! Does that mean we'll get a grace period since the issue is on their end or will my alternates not be able to make their 72 hours?

I think you'll get a grace period, but if the software doesn't get changed, and so rejects and removes your alternates, you will have to cancel your original entry, and create a new one.

It's a new system, so there are sure to be quirks. I hope by next year, they will allow changes to entries up until the entry period closes. (This year, you can't change your entry once it has been paid for.)