There we go again. Homer, didn't you notice that Dr. Fauci, whose credentials you seem to appreciate, and all other medical professionals always wear masks in public ? No-one here says you should wear them while hiking alone in the wilderness. The point is that masks DO reduce the chances of getting infected when you are in close proximity with people who are already infected and vice versa - infected people are less likely to infect others if they wear masks. Besides, where is the evidence that masks cause CO2 poisoning and where did you get the numbers suggesting that SARS-CoV2 mortality rate is comparable with regular flu? Please stop spreading the nonsense and, if you really want to know the truth, check your sources.

Edit to add:

At the time of posting, there are 3,040,833 confirmed cases in the US and 132,979 deaths. So, the mortality rate is 4.4%.

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