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Or maybe it's just the most vocal, yet least accomplished? (With the very odd exception of Pickering - the most accomplished, yet also avid mask proponent. Sigh - always the outliers screwing up the analysis.)

It’s simple. We get back to normal by defeating COVID-19. That means social distancing, testing, contact tracing, quarantining, and wearing masks when appropriate.

I stay the hell away from other people as much as possible. I can recall going inside businesses seven times since this all started. (At 71, I’m probably forgetting a trip or two.) I haven’t been to anyone else’s house, and only a few people have been to mine (all for outdoor horse activities). I usually climb alone or with one other person. I’m carefully staying away from doofus magnets like Whitney and Half Dome (sorry, Homer). I wear a mask indoors (except at home) and when I’m close to other people outdoors. I don’t wear one when I’m hiking or filling my car at the gas station. Wearing a mask keeps me a little safer. It keeps other quite a bit safer. Wearing a mask says that I care whether I infect other people. Not wearing one says the opposite.

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I mentioned this before, but the income demographics are really quite pronounced. Those financially comfortable - my peer group - are for the most part 100% mask free.

Sorry to be an outlier again, Hobbs, but I’m “comfortable” enough that I’m giving away a lot more than I spend on myself. And my usual climbing partner this year is more “comfortable” than I am, and she wears masks more than I do.