You forgot to add that wearing a mask also provides an excellent platform for administering repeated & concentrated viral dosages resulting from touching surfaces and then adjusting masks.

Without proven medical benefits derived from valid double-blind statistical studies (typically taking years), products cannot promote medical benefits without violating several various federal laws and regulations. Which is why, of course, mask providers don't advertise any supposed benefits. What's really (sort of) amusing is that states dictating these kinds of actions are thus in direct violation; hence the next round of lawsuits.

We were up last week doing a number of longer range day hikes (to avoid overnight permit confusion/wait) from Mammoth, Bishop & Kearsarge. Mammoth (day hikers) was all masks, Bishop a few, Kearsarge (mostly backpackers), none. I used to think of hikers as similar in independence of attitude/thought as sailors, hunters, bike riders, etc, but this and other outdoors oriented boards have proven that a lie.

Or maybe it's just the most vocal, yet least accomplished? (With the very odd exception of Pickering - the most accomplished, yet also avid mask proponent. Sigh - always the outliers screwing up the analysis.)

Part of me despairs about current events, but the more cynical side applauds the collective behavior. I mentioned this before, but the income demographics are really quite pronounced. Those financially comfortable - my peer group - are for the most part 100% mask free. My conclusion is that capitalists will sell/go along whatever current fad is popular as long as it lines their pockets. They may privately joke about the sheep, but no one is really complaining when it benefits their bottom line.

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