First, let me thank Bob and his wife Dovie for the outstanding hospitality they showed us in Reno. We had a great time over the two days we spent there. Bri loved the horses in particular, especially Rooney!

A slight correction on Bob's take of how this came to pass. I was on SummitPost back in 2011 not long after Bob and I had spent a day on Cathedral Peak in Yosemite, and was reviewing his profile . Wow! And it only lists peaks of 10K' or higher. The next time I spoke to him I mentioned that those numbers over that period of time was just incredible, and that his lifetime average of summits over 10K' had to be an achievement few people could match. A bit of math later, the idea of one a week surfaced and it was off to the races!

Congratulations Bob! It's always a privilege to hit a mountain with you, and a very enjoyable experience. I always learn something new when we get together, and I value that tremendously. I appreciate your patience with Bri on Houghton - she was clearly out of her comfort range on that scramble down and I knew it was going to play hell with the time table for the rest of the day. I'm just glad it worked out that we were still able to get all 4 peaks for you, and especially the opportunity for Barb to finish Mt. Rose with you. It wore her out, but she enjoyed it greatly.

We're off to the Portal this morning and start up Whitney tomorrow if weather allows. Looking iffy right now, but we didn't come all this way to let a little rain stop us!