Sounds like we all had weather-woes last week Brent. That's a shame about the "chocolate milk" - it's that azure water that makes Havasupai so special.

We were ready for cold and wet - we carried about 120 pounds up the mountain between the four of us (Bri hauling 25 without complaint at age 13, which impressed the hell out of me), but some of that weight was soaking wet tents, flys and footprints. We spent the night prior at Horseshoe Meadows and got drenched. When the time came to make the call about a summit, though, I once again erred on the side of safety with my girls. Those clouds covering the crest looked mean and angry, and we knew it had snowed on the summit the day before and was groppeling (is that a word?) that morning. After the horror show of Monday, I had no problem making Trail Crest the summit for their second trip up the mountain. Summit optional, parking lot mandatory. Period. The mountain will still be there for the next time.

So, summit or not, we'll be back out there next year. It's a given with us now. Hope we can manage to hook up like we did a couple of years ago. I know Curtis wants that summit as much as Bri! I'm even toying around with the idea of heading back out there solo this season before the big snows come.

Bob, sorry to hijack your thread! I'll get a separate one going when I get pix organized. Congrats again on your 7.00 summit - It was a privilege to bag it with you! I found the photo of the Houghton summit on my camera and will e-mail it to you tomorrow. Hope you're enjoying your week "off" . . .