Bob, what's the old saying about fine wine? You just keep getting better with age, my friend. We all need to stop and think exactly what those numbers represent, and the determination and perseverance that has gone into achieving them. Thirty years is a long, long time. Interests, tastes, life priorities - they all change for most of us over such an extended period, but to stay focused on bagging peaks at such a prodigious rate is really mind boggling. I'm very proud of what little impact I may have had in helping you re-define this goal, and was truly honored to be with you for the 7.0 summits.

If 5.0 is out of the question, then I guess the next goal would be "Summit 2K"? That would be a tee shirt kind of event - late 2018 or early 2019 perhaps? I'll be there for it, even if this Georgia boy has to learn how to ski . . . ;-)

Hope to catch up with you in late August or early September. Planning on a couple of weeks in the Sierra if I can manage to find the time in my hectic, way-too-young, post-retirement life.