Gary, you didn’t hijack my thread. This really WAS your idea, and the Bulldog family was there when I hit 7.00. It’s your thread too.

I really thought this would be your year for the profile photo of the whole family on the summit. Even though you personally weren’t at your all-time fitness peak, you did fine. Barb did really well on Mt. Rose, her third 10K peak of the day, and being 13 instead of 11 should have made Bri much stronger than two years ago. I don’t see any comments about altitude issues on your way to Trail Crest, so I assume everyone is keeping that demon at bay. I would count Trail Crest as a victory under the circumstances. Next time!

I’m always teasing you about how you should transfer to the Reno Marriot to be closer to the mountains, and being here really makes a difference. It’s pretty easy to run up the statistics when it’s just over 4 hours to Bishop, 3.5 hours to Mt. Shasta City, 3 hours to Yosemite, and 40 minutes to a trailhead where I can tag four 10K peaks in around six hours. The other advantage is that I can pounce on the more ambitious goals when the conditions are just right and do something easier the rest of the time.

Carine, if you keep saying stuff like that, my head is going to explode. I already need a bigger helmet. “Persistent” would be a better word. I just wish women had called me amazing when I was young and single, but that was years before you were born.