I checked in with Inyo N.F. staff -- they have been getting lots of calls. I learned that there was a bit of confusion between Inyo and the Rec.gov people. Inyo fully intended for the results to be made available this past weekend, but the rec.gov person in charge of pressing the buttons did not understand that part.

So fires have been lit wink and they are hoping the information will be available later today. However the person doing the work is not the same as last year, so no promises.

The idea is that people can see what they received in the lottery, and then check what is left online, and if they want, can sign up for any open slots that remain -- starting April 1.

As April progresses, people will decline a few slots, and during April, those will become available on recreation.gov, too. When slots are released, they become available within the next 24 hours ("at a random time" as they put it).

Edit: ...and within an hour of posting this, people are seeing their results! I guess the guy figured out what buttons to press. smile

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