Steve, The date I want is Wed Aug 6 for 4 people but I took the single available overnight permit for Tues July 29. If I can't get more permits for my hiking buddies I guess I'll go by myself on the single permit I got today. That was the only available overnight permit from June through October. I was surprised to see it. I will keep on looking and consider taking more people without permits when I go and hope to get permits that day. I do have 4 day permits for mid July in my name. My plan is to do a day hike scouting the Mountaineers Route (possibly summiting) and returning for an overnighter up the Mountaineers Route.I could not book today's permit and had to use my wife's account, however I was able to use my name as an alternate group leader and also used my credit card to pay. So for my further attempts I may have to use another group member's account.