You guys are awesome. I had a wild hare get loose a few weeks ago, applied, and here I am, trying to figure it out again. I have been swimming a mile a day since January 8, listening to Bill Bryson's "A walk in the woods" while in the pool (AT thru hike audio book, really funny), have lost 20 pounds as of yesterday, and been hiking Mt. Woodson twice a week to get my legs in shape, 4400 elevation change and 7.8 mi RT. As a 44 year old, x-smoker of 4 months now, I have lots of energy and want to do something that I have dreamed about for the past 5 years before my body breaks down. That's why it is so important to me. And to have the support of the folks in my immediate circle is great... They think it is a wonderful adventure rather than a cuckoo castle in the clouds idea reminding us of the hobo days of the 60's. :-)

Well, if people can fly out from the East Coast and still make it on the trail to the summit, then so can I. I will just let my friends know I AM going, Hell or high water! Make plans to depend on my summiting Whitney and I will send you a photo from the top.

By the way, where can I get the biggest-waffle-to-float-in-a-pool-of-syrup breakfast in Lone Pine? Have only driven through the town on my way North possibly stopping for some expensive gas to get to Bishop. :-)

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