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Mt Whitney Lottery 2018                    

May update:   Quite a few slots opened up today, May 1. They show up at random times throughout the day over the first 24 hours. Then they disappear as people find them and reserve them. After May 1, anything showing up will be in the days just before the entry date, as the good people among us log in and release the slots they don't need.

April update:   Between now and May 1, people who won slots in the lottery are required to pay for the slots they won. As people pay for the slots, they may reduce the number of hikers in their group, or they may completely cancel their reservations. When that occurs, releases the slots back to the web page at a random time over the next 24 hours. Others can then book and pay for a permit for those slots. So during April, people will see a few spots open up occasionally.

On May 1, every permit that was not paid for will be released back to the web page at random times over the next 24 hours.

Here are links to the permit reservation pages on

      DAY USE of Mt. Whitney Zone             Mt. Whitney Trail Overnight Permit

April 1:  The "mini-on-sale", 7:00 AM, April 1.  Any slots not assigned in the lottery (usually mid-week May and October dates).  Better dates will go quickly to those with the fastest fingers.
Also, throughout the day:  Slots that were declined by lottery winners are released at random times -- over the next 24 hours. After April 1, if any winner declines their won slots, those will show up at a random time in the next 24 hours (but most people who can't use their slots simply don't pay, and those become available on May 1 (at that random time.)

March 15:  The lottery application period ended. The lottery results will be available approximately March 24.
NOTE:  When the available slots show up after the lottery is run, there are sometimes dates showing openings, while someone who applied for that date went unfulfilled by the lottery. These are slots that were released by Inyo (or staff, AFTER the lottery process was run. The slots are released when a person telephones and requests that their lottery application and slots be removed.

Lottery Applications were accepted for day hike and overnight hikes starting Feb 1, ending March 15.  To apply, click here.  Lottery entry deadline is Thu Mar 15, 2018, 11:59 PM EDT (that's 8:59 PM Pacific time!)

Updates and information will be posted here.

The best source of information and the best first place to start is the Inyo National Forest web page, Mount Whitney Lottery - Permit Reservations

Progress update: Weekly Lottery Progress Report (data: Noon March 1, 2018 )
from the "Permit Reservations" web page above:

10 Most Popular First Choice Dates
Number of people requesting a date is much larger when all alternate choices are considered.
    The data below is from the first choice only.

Mt. Whitney Trail Overnight |  DAY USE of Mt. Whitney Zone
Quota: 60 people per day | 100 people per day
# # | # #
Entry Date Apps People | Entry Date Apps People
---------- ---- --- | ---------- --- ---
Sat Aug 4 196 947 | Sat Aug 4 127 592
Fri Jul 27 152 804 | Sat Jul 21 111 543
Fri Aug 3 167 779 | Sat Aug 18 99 527
Sat Sep 1 171 778 | Sat Jul 28 110 490
Sat Jul 14 148 687 | Sat Jul 14 103 480
Sat Aug 25 137 632 | Sat Aug 25 94 465
Sat Aug 11 126 618 | Sun Sep 2 89 464
Sat Jul 28 122 598 | Sat Aug 11 79 426
Fri Aug 24 123 577 | Sat Jul 7 72 373
Sat Jul 21 117 564 | Sat Sep 1 72 363

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