Mt. Morgan(S) via Rock Creek Lake/Francis Lake jackeichler 09/15/23 07:37 PM
Successful day climb of Mt. Morgan(S) via Rock Creek Lake/Francis Lake. Fun (and not miserable) route finding above Francis Lake and fun scrambling up the ridge the last 700-1000 feet to the summit. Spectacular views. Had panoramic views of the Palisade Crest/Humphreys basin all the way to Ritter/Banner. And the view of the Little Lakes Valley and Abbot/Mills was sublime. If you're looking for a challenging climb that's not a suffer fest and has some of the best views in the Sierra Nevada this peak is for you. Glad I finally got to check this one off my to-do list.

A couple of snow fields remained high up on the ridge, but both could be completely avoided while staying on the ridge proper. No issues with the trail up to Francis Lake with respect to water or bugs.

Here is a Relive video/track:
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