Atari, as I've recently gotten into rock-climbing, I bet I've watched that video a dozen times. Of all the free-solo clips I've watched on YouTube, this one astounds me the most. Ueli trained specifically for this climb for an entire year before he attempted it. Seeing him scale the rocky face with just crampons and ice tools makes my palms sweat, and watching him running (running!) in crampons along the summit ridge, with a cornice clearly visible, just leaves me speechless.

Unfortunately, these free soloists don't often live to a ripe old age due to the risks they take. If you've seen the video of Dan Osman free-soloing Lover's Leap, you wonder how the hell he wound up finally killing himself in a situation when he was actually tied in to something. Free soloing is cool to watch, but the guys who do it are just a little bit nuts.