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I filter out about 1500 domain names on my system that are known junk that slow you down and do nothing but tell the big internet companies what you are up to or litter your screen with ads. Ditching these sites from your web experience makes things faster. Worth doing if you are not afraid to edit the "hosts" file on your PC: how to make the internet suck less.

Hi Fishmonger,
Great link (I think). I copied and pasted the page into notepad, saved as a .txt file, deleted the .txt, changed the name of the current hosts file to hosts_old (in case I needed it again), moved the new hosts file into the folder, and "think" my internet experience is improved. Hard to tell, but I am looking forward to an absence of advertisements based on my browsing/searches.
One question: Do I need to merge the two hosts files (Old and New)? The only entry (other than comments) in the old files is: localhost
::1 localhost
Never mind the question. I just noticed that the new hosts file has this entry.

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