I need to get Bulldog34 and his family to watch that video. About two summers back, we were up there, but nobody got to the top. Bob P was taking Bulldog up the technical side, I went up with his wife and daughter on the hiker side.

John, the long pages with many videos don't seem to take very long to load, but maybe it is my connection. ...in fact, checking speedtest.net, I get a download speed of 23.2. You?

If you ever need to look up instructions on displaying pictures or videos, click on the "picture gallery" forum, and there is a link right at the top: Instructions... It takes you to a thread with three posts: Uploading pictures, displaying pictures, and displaying YouTube videos.

As for the Comcast and Verizon stuff: I believe wagga told me that down in OZ, the cable companies installing connections are required to install two cables (or maybe it is fiber optic lines) to each house. And then everyone has a choice of two different cable providers, which I would think would improve competition and bring prices down. I know I chafe every month when I see my $200 Comcast bill (Internet+phone+Cable w/ 3 TV boxes)