4 Round Trips over the years starting in 1980 to 2006.

The guy is using a helmet camera I think and this makes the climbing look a lot harder than it is. Basically for the lst 2/3rds of the way you stay on the South (left) side. Put both hands over the knife edge to the North side and your feet easily walk you along the route. About 2/3rds of the way across, switch over to the North (right) side and put your hands again over the knife edge,to the South side this time, and your feet easily walk you along the route.

This knife edge has a reputation of being a very hard route but it really is not even though the camera video makes it appear that way. Some people actually just sit down and straddle the knife edge and scoot across. This takes a lot longer and is pretty hard on the seam of your pants and it is really not necessary to do it that way.

All the above and the video are for good summer weather. In winter, snow or ice, I can not give an opinion as I have only gone in clear summer conditions. It would obviously be a lot harder !!