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Any idea how to identify that woman in the video? I'll bet some authorities would like to find out.

What they did is really offensive.


I have a slightly different take on this. Although leaving permanent marks on the mountain or anywhere in national parks is inappropriate, it appears that they installed the tag in memory of a friend who died in the military. So we don't really know if this particular incident reflects the lack of respect for others (and the wilderness) or it was simply an honest mistake made out of ignorance. Perhaps someone could contact the woman and explain to her that what they did was wrong before starting a massive witch hunt. Also, I would leave it up to the rangers to remove the tag, unless the offender chooses to go back and do it herself. In the grand scheme of things, plastic from abandoned poop bags and other trash does more harm in the Whitney zone.

Edit to add: Enjoy the Garnet lake trip! I will be heading to the same area in 3 weeks! Perhaps you could stash a few beers? (j/k)

According to their original post, they "started geocaching" and this was just the "first" one in their geocaching/ tagging plan. I posted a message on their most recent IG page and asked if they got permission to put that Geotag there. They did not reply, deleted the video and deleted my post. That tells me all I need to know about them.

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