Totally. It’s an extra bummer too because I’ve noticed a bit more trash in wild places in the last couple years.

Last time I was atop Whitney was fall 2018 it was at the start of this whole summit sign craze. I packed out 2-3 makeshift cardboard signs that people had discarded at the summit. Now someone made a steel sign and there’s a busted wooden sign on the top… I get it, it’s a nice photo token, but Whitney already has (or had) a distinctive placard, summit hut, and mondo register. The only case I could see for this stuff (ignoring the fact that many summits have registers) can maybe be made for remote summits (and only if you pack it back out), Whitney especially doesn’t need signs or codes.

Discarded signs are already bad enough in a place famous for abandoned poo-bags. Shellacking a QR code to the rock in any case is a bit much.

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