JohnS and fit2climb: I am moved by your comments.

To me this is all about substance, not emotion. This is not a city park in the hood. This is a magical place. Once we acquiesce to this what is next? I have always supported the men and women in uniform, both civilian and military. But we should not go down this road. What is the next variation? The young child who lost their life to cancer, the family who lost their home to a natural disaster, a parent who lost their life to random gun violence?? Once you let that Jeannie out of the bottle you can't get her back in. I, too, have been roaming the California wilderness for over 50 years. I pick up trash wherever I go because even the sight of any trash in a wilderness setting is a bummer.

Hopefully the culprit will get a fair hearing. It likely was not a malicious act. Nonetheless, the damage has been done. I hope it is removed before my summit attempt later this fall.