Hi Anton, I seriously doubt this person will get a lifetime ban. And, of course that would be severe if this is a one time misguided act. Unlikely anyone's career will be tarnished over this.

However, if she plans on making a career of going live on location and tagging (defacing = vandalism) natural wonders, then yeah best to keep her out the parks.

And you are correct, Whitney is not ruined. But this sort of behavior inspires others to do likewise and one up each other.

I hiked Whitney for the first time this summer, it blew me away. Been going to Yosemite since 1990, you been there lately? We certainly don't want that for Whitney.

Thank you for packing out others trash and the work you do on cleaning up climbing areas.

And yeah the word needs to get out, leave no trace = carry your own weight in my opinion. You or anyone else should not be in a position to pack out trash and clean up messes carelessly left by others.