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Thanks for the good report, derryg! With the AMS trouble, can you tell us what your schedule was like:

When did you first arrive at significant altitude (example to Whitney Portal)?

When did you start hiking?

How long did it take to get to Trail Camp?

We didn't camp at high altitude beforehand, Whitney Portal campsite was full so we stayed at a hostel in Lone Pine. This obviously didn't help with my friends acclimatizing. I was a little nauseous the next morning but nothing major, could carry on no problem, just a little slow to start in the morning.

We started at about 9.30 on the first day, took it fairly easy on the way to trail camp and arrived there around 3, maybe a bit later. We got up at 5 the next day and started tackling the chute. Most people we talked to said they were getting up at 3.30 and planned to start in darkness.

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