iteach4th and other folks concerned about the snow,

based on what i saw on my successful summit attempt on July 2 (I posted a Trip Report in that forum), snow is melting FAST! we are having a heat wave in the Sierra so rivers are flowing and trails are drying up... finally!

my wife and i went up the Chute, since it was earlier in the morning (7:15am).... and we glissaded down the Chute around noon. while resting at Trail Camp, we saw several groups going up the switchbacks from the cables on up. we passed these groups earlier in the morning, and judging from the way they hiked etc., i don't think many of them had much experience with ice axes/crampons.... but they were all successfully negotiating the climb up. in fact, i think several just had trekking poles and that was it.

anyhow, i think the main trail will for the most part be clearing up pretty quickly over the next few weeks. there might still be small patches of snow here or there.... but i think it will be fine and just add to the "adventure" of hiking Whitney smile.