Hello everyone, just got back home from a successful summit of Whitney on June 30th 10:00 AM
Just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone for posting trip reports and pictures of the trail. They were a huge help in trip planning! I only took a few pictures along the way, and they can be viewed at the link below. I did the climb in two days with one night at trail camp.

My trip report:
The trail is mostly snow free to just before trail camp. Then mostly snow up to trail crest. We did find quite a few dry campsites at trail camp, but Wednesday evening was very windy. We got lucky and found a site sheltered by rocks piled by climbers before us. I started the summit push 6 AM and the snow was nice and firm. Back behind the needles I didn't see any snow at all until just before the summit about a 40 or 50 yard patch. I put on the crampons again and just climbed straight up.

It was a great trip, except for the mosquitoes lower on the trail. If you forget bug spray the portal store carries a nice little tube, and yes I did try the moose burger! After a summit from trail crest and the entire hike down it's the best burger in the world smile