My daughter and I went up the snow chute Tuesday(my third trip). First time with crampons and ice axes. We learned pretty fast as it was the only way up. Early morning with the crampons. Even at that, it took us and others we were watching and spoke to about 3 hours. But, what an adventure and sense of accomplishment. Have some really great photos that will show the conditions with perspective, but I can't figure out how to attach them. We came back down around 3 in the afternoon and the chute was like a big slurpy. We walked, if you can call it that, down in about 1 hour. Did some glissading, which was fun and using the axe really came in handy, but found we got soaked. The snow was still about 3 feet deep.
I could see signs of the switch backs especially when we able to look back at them from the Windows.
during the day, it warm and we noticed over 4 days that the rush of water from the melt got louder and louder. The second stream up from the Portal was noticeably more difficult to cross on our return. Freaked my daughter out.
Just make sure to start early and finish before the snow hardens in the chute.
She found the social aspect of the climb almost as enjoyable as the climb itself. So many nice people. Enjoy your trip.

Steve C edit: lynnbern's pictures are in the picture gallery

View of the snow slope west of the switchbacks.

Snow at the cables

Climbing the snow slope (the "chute")

Crossing to the west side at Trail Crest