This complements Brent N's report, and also dates from the 21st: in the last mile, the snow field before the summit Keo describes is still very much in evidence. I found it considerably less nerve-wracking than the SW 97 snow patch. Although longer, it feels less exposed and better trenched. Also, the boulders became less of an impediment when I realized that I was allowed to touch them when maneuvering around them.

I'll file a trip report if and when I'm reunited with a real keypad. The bottom line: my hiking partner, who stumbled and hurt her ankle btw trail meadow and Mirror Lake on Thursday, managed to walk out late that night. Xrays the next morning in LP revealed that she'd broken it. We're both very appreciative of all the expressions of concern and support we received as we hobbled out (she carrying her wag bag bc she considered it impolite either to leave it or to have me carry it --- perhaps I should mention by way of explanation that although currently a resident of LA, she's born and bred a Brit). We're also extremely grateful and apologetic to the search and rescue team we failed to call off before they started up the mountain looking for us.