I hiked the mountain this weekend (came down yesterday). The cables section has a bit more snow/ice than is shown in the above posting (from 9/16). It wasn't bad going up, but coming down was a little 'fun'. From the cables up there was spotty snow up the switchbacks. Some may have melted off - there was a hailstorm Sat morning that deposited quite a bit of consolidated hail - especially on the last long switchback.

The back side actually isn't too bad. There are a few places you have to watch your step due to a bit of ice or snow, but not long stretches. The 50yd or so snowfield is still there just before the trail switchbacks up the last bit of the actual summit. Those switchbacks had an inch or two of consolidated but very easy to walk on snow pretty much up to the summit itself.

I did the hike in just hiking boots with my trekking poles. A few stretches would have been made easier with yaktrax or microspikes (esp that last long switch back and the cables) but other than that, most snowy/icy spots weren't long enough to warrent them.

I think weather is supposed to be good this week, so more of the snow/ice may melt away before any more comes along.

I have pictures of the switchbacks and cables and will try to post them later.

=) tif