I just hiked to the summit on Wednesday July 20th, woo-hoo! We arrived on Monday afternoon and it was very smokey. I was concerned about hiking as I have asthma and decided that if it was as smokey as this on Wednesday then I would not do the hike. =( Lucky for me the winds died down from 20 mph to 9 mph. The Man at the WHitney Portal store told me to keep an eye on the moon and the stars and if they appear orange at all that means there's a lot of smoke. I checked on Tuesday night and all looked well and Wednesday morning we got on the trail at 2 AM with no smoke all day. It started to get smokey at 5 PM and that is when I summited. I had absolutely no issue with smoke on my way down. The last two days though I have had some lingering congestion but it is clearing up. All is well. Good luck!

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