Glissading: The people who know what they're doing make it look easy. Don't be deceived if you don't know what you're doing, it could cost you your life on the Chute. My son and I just made it back from a successful summiting on July 9th. We were dead tired after climbing the entire Mountain including the Chute, making the summit in one day. By the time we returned to Trail Crest, the thought of an easy slide down the Chute overcame my natural fear of heights. We decided to try glissading and though we made it down, our inexperience made the trip harrowing and bloody. The problem was the ice/snow on the Chute had such variable consistency. One moment you'd be sliding nicely and the next you're out-of-control because your axe can find no purchase in the slush. Then, in the next instant your axe hits hard ice and stops dead but your body is still hurdling down the glacier causing a wrenching stop, if you are able to hold on to your axe! If you do it anyway, make sure your axe is well teathered to your hand. Bring gloves and be prepared for a bloody elbow.