mtnlover1990 on that "other" message board gave a condition up date on the MR:

Conditions as of 11/24/17:

The main gully has a wind slab 4-16 in thick laying on top of a heavy-ish sugar snow. No shooting cracks or whomphing but I opted to climb the rock to the right (more sugar snow on top of rounded boulders) until reaching the notch. A large section of snow in the middle had been torn out suggestive of rockfall that did not trigger a larger slab avalanche.

After the notch, similar conditions exist in the gully leading to summit while the rock to the left is nice and dry albeit steeper.

Expect lots of post holing on the approach to iceberg lake, especially in wind-loaded areas after the snow expected today.

Anybody have more recent info? My brother and I are contemplating an attempt in a few weeks.
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