Steve, 100% agreed. While I've looked at the link for John's death and a review of the SAR photo with a pic of the lake and chopper and matching it in GE where it was taken has me at least concurring that it was in that area. The photo SAR has is I believe taken here: 36.570262° -118.264830° (go to street view) or coming down from the West from Trail camp here: 36.567494°-118.267758°, or 36.567487° -118.267324° ( FirstChute) (Prior to the descent to Trail Meadow). Using GE those drops are hundreds of feet prior to trail meadow. Being that they started around 3:00 AM and it took them until 5:00 PM or 7:30 (depending on how accurate the source) to summit that's one hell of a day. Winds were crazy and based on those times extreme fatigue would saddle most people from continuing on. Tragic for Michael and his family and friends.