I've been pretty remiss the past few months about checking in on the WZ, partly due to not making it out there this year and partly because I keep up with so many of you on FB. I finally open up the Zone in my browser and what do I see right off the bat? Another falling death from above Mirror Lake. Unbelievable. This is getting to be like a broken record. This is at least the 3rd in the past few years. By now I think it would be incumbent on Inyo to re-work the trail in that section for greater safety, or at least post signs identifying it as a dangerous area and advise hikers to use extra caution.

These slabby areas can be tricky if you're not paying close attention, especially in the dark. Going up doesn't seem to be a problem, but descending is another matter. I can recall twice I've had to backtrack while descending here because my mind wandered and I got off route. Easy to do.

Condolences to the family. I hope this is the last sad story I read about this area of the trail.