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Again, tell me how this happens? A petition is not worth the bytes and time. I know what it took to put 7 or 8 directional signs on Mt. Baldy this summer and that is not in a Wilderness area...a friend was involved in this project. Mt. Baldy was and is the land of the lost, and dead in winter.

Human life exceeds the value of time and bytes. Unless you disagree, then I have no idea why you are commenting. It's impossible to quantify lives saved by good trail management, because they prevent people from getting into bad scenarios.

If we send letters to the FS we can also ask if we can get a trail crew together, and explore our options

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The {only thing that will work right here and right now is hiker education.

Agreed! Education can help, it isn't the only recourse though.

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The problem is we have a new bred of hiker. They young, aggressive and narcissistic...want to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

Try an educate them, but they will do what they will do. On a practical note: openly deriding them or educating them in a way that infers that they are stupid or ridiculous isn't a constructive way to get them to consider your wisdom.

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Experienced hiker is a useless term used by the media to describe those involved in a backcountry incident. I know a lot of experienced elite hikers I would not to out with to PCH at Main in Huntington Beach. They are that unsafe. All you need to do is read the US Hiking Club Meetup 2/6/16 outing at Wild ideas.

No, experienced hiker means they are experienced at hiking. They can still make a mistake. Qualifying anyone as experienced until they make a mistake is an informal fallacy (see "No true Scotsman fallacy").

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