Again, it is a structure in a Wilderness area and you will have to get approval of the Inyo. The latter might seem simple but it is not. It would be a lot more simple if there was something there, which needed to be repaired. Those eight new signs put on Mt. Baldy this summer took well over two years to get them planted in the ground, this after multiple deaths and weekly mostly free helicopter rides to hikers that wandered down Goode, San Antonio or Cattle Canyons. And this property is not governed by the Wilderness Act of 1964.

The best this that can be done here is to put a new "PEOPLE DIE HERE!!!" sign on the patio cover with pictures of the surrounding area. It could be done today...but then again, it would need approval of the Inyo. Followed up by a coordinated effort of Yosemite, SEKI, Inyo, this website and Doug's with a sign posting...another pig will fly first scenario.

BTW, all those wind blocks at Trail Camp should be taken down and would be, if the Inyo could. It is done all the time in the San Gorgonio and Cucamonga Wildernesses.