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Your response is to do something outside the rules and regs, which by definition is a non-permanent response... Why don'cha call the rec. officer for the Inyo and do this the right way? I know all the forests love what their volunteers do for them.

The original poster has already contacted Inyo with a letter. Steve called them also. Its assumed they would be informed and fine with this. We're not talking brick and mortar permanent, its just piling more rocks on top of what the SAR team already started.

Using social media to crowd source the manual labor seems like a good approach, but if a volunteer group takes it on, that's even better. Despite all the "dumb hiker" stories on this thread, I think there are plenty of hikers capable and willing to pitch in, if they were just aware of it.

This thread has turned into a big "no can do" "hikers are stupid" bummer. I hope the families and friends of anyone who perished at that spot never reads it.

Happy Thanksgiving.