Here's a memorial post from Instagram from Josue Sanchez

Posted Nov 6, 2016 by n3r0dstroys
It's been three weeks since you've been gone man, and it all still feels like it happened yesterday. No point in retelling the story, everyone that matters already knows what happened... not that my mind doesn't replay every step of the way, every part of the climb, every action and every word I said, everything I could have done different that day and you'd still be here. After all this dwelling, talking to friends about it, sleepless nights, and countless replays in my head of that day I'm happy you left on a highlight doing what you loved the most after conquering one of the baddest peaks in the land. Your positivity, your smile, your attitude towards life, our conversation that day and most importantly your last words to me at the summit of Whitney the last time I saw you will be with me for the rest of my life, and in time I hope will help drown out the echoes that keep replaying in my head of what could have, should have, did and didn't happen that day.
Rest in paradise brother... we'll hike again in time... like you told me that day, fate put us together on Whitney Trail that night, and fate also set us on different trails for now...
Thanks to those of you who reached out, you know who you are and how I feel. Meant the world to me.
I'll see some of you at the memorial later.