I have accidentally lost the trail up there more than once. I know the issue. I have not found the route deceptive. I found if you don't pay attention you can lose it, even in the bright shiney morning. At night with less than a good lamp, you are looking for trouble.

We live in the world of the possible. Explain to me how we get boulder delineators up there, please. This is a Wilderness, think volunteers qualified on various hand tools and the materials being there. Is there a there a volunteer trail building group up in the Eastern Sierra? Also, these delineators guarantee nothing.

A couple of people are going to die on the MMWT every year. Just as 2 to 4 people are going to die in the SoCal Mountains this winter. It is just the way it is, sorry if this sounds cold. These are facts. This is a Wilderness and it should be kept as close as it can be to this state.