Again Steve, you need people power, volunteers. Is there a trail building group in the Eastern Sierra? Even if there is, are there boulders that people can move into place without injury. Also, this does not sound like trail building, it sound more like structure building.

We have well publicized deaths here and as we have had on Mt. Baldy and in Ice House Canyon last winter. A week later people are back going through these areas oblivious to what happened or they assessed the danger and still went. You can't change things in the wilderness, all you can do is educate the people to the dangers and let them make the decisions. I have made the decision it is too dangerous to go through that area in the dark after going through in the late afternoon. Just like I have made a decision not to go back to Cucamonga Peak via the trail in the winter for the same reason. I made the decision in the summer when I saw the avalanche chutes. When asked about these area I tell people what I think and why. It's their decision from that point. What I have found people are going to do what they want to do no matter what you advise.