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SN: Nice Google Earth work!
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So, William, since you have posted so many times, if I get the volunteer trip set up, will you come along?

I can hardly believe the incredible negative attitude -- no wonder people you talk to ignore everything and push on. Telling people they are "dumb noobs" is a sure fire way to convince them to ignore you.

Let's see what we can do for late June or early July.

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Seriously, I am blown away by the lack of logic used here. All we need a row of rocks as shown in the G.E. picture above at just two turns. Amazing that violations of the Wilderness Act is even mentioned. Hiker education does NOT help the hapless hiker who is trying to get off the mountain after falling behind schedule and wandering down the trail in the dark. But a row of boulders sure would.

Actually Steve, I have done quite a lot locally where comes to hiker safety. You would not know because I don't talk about it much. As far going to the Sierra, I would love to but family matters have cut down what I can do. And I would be more inclined to that time in SoCal with its problems, many of which I have fixed over the last 4 years. Why do you think I know what gets things done with the FS? Why do you think I know the Wilderness Act of 1964 comes into play here?

I love your if you disagree with me you are negative language. All I have said is to do it right rather than some willy-nilly nonsense that can cause other problems, as Bob West said. If you want to ride heard call the Volunteer Coordinator and see if you can work something out. You just don't go out with a pry bar and a mattock...believe me, not with the FS. All I have said is do something that will last and will be compliant to the Wilderness Act.

The hapless hiker should educate him or herself. There are only 297,000 death on Mt. Whitney responses at Google in a second. You are responsible for you, period. It is not the government's fault that you decided to go up the trail unprepared and unprepared is not knowing about this area after dark.