I don't know how many times my friends and go into a blizzard from the PS Tram. We usually do not go to the San Jacinto via the winter yak route. It is not unusual for the elites to catch up to us, since we are old and slower. We always ask the same question, "Do you know where you are?". We always get the same answer, "On the trail." When informed of where they are not, they just keep going forward, I guess in search of the trail. We usually stop to see how far they go but eventually they head back towards the tram.

It is not unusual for the smartphone equipped to have a less than navigable map. It usually ranges from pictures to pictures of the message board. I had two military people who told me they did not need a paper map. What they had in their phone was sufficient and they had a GPS. We stopped just past their junction for lunch. Of course, they walked by their semi-signed junction. We directed them back.

Then there was the trailrunner with a tourniquet for a first aid kit...

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