Laura thinks sailing is safer than driving.

"I have found out that it is safer being at sea than being on land.Tuesday, I went biking along with my grandparents and some friends. However it is quite dangerous to ride here especially in the dark, but since it is not hilly it is also quite easy to do. But traveling by car is not safe either. On Wednesday I went kayaking the mangroves, and on the way back as we were driving over a dirt road a big truck hit us from behind at full speed. I was sitting in the back of the car and I have to thank my good star that the driver accelerated otherwise I would be as flat as a pancake now. So I have a big bump on my head and my back hurts a bit.. I am a little better now, but it was just by a hair's breadth that my trip didn't end right there. Yesterday my father and my sister arrived. It is soooooooooo nice to be together again. I have to get used to all the hustle and bustle but since it is the pleasant kind of flurry, i am getting used to it quickly." Laura

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